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Toby's & Mickey's DAL PALS

"Every Dal Needs His or Her Own Spot!"

Graphic by Maryann Augustinus

Meet some Dal Pals on their own spot !


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Please visit this, one of the *BEST* Dal sites on the web:


"Ravenwood Dalmatians has over 20 years experience in the breeding, training, and exhibiting of top quality dogs in conformation, obedience, agility, public education, and therapy work. This website was developed not just to showcase our dogs but because we are very concerned about the large number of homeless Dalmatians showing up in shelters, pounds, and rescue groups and want to provide  as much information about the Dalmatian  breed as possible to educate the public BEFORE acquiring a Dalmatian. "

We Support Save the Dalmatians of  Southern Califonia

Now ... Introducing,

Dal TV -Alessandro Varaldo 1998

in alphabetical order ...

*Alexander and Napolean's Home Page - These two Dals will give you a really fabulous treat if you visit them. This has got to be the ultimate in Dalmatian web entertainment...you won't want to miss this real FOUR STAR SITE!
o 25/9/98: message from Neal Solomon: "Napoleon Dalmatian, star of the Alexander and Napoleon web page, died on July 2, 1998, of lymphoma. He was ten years old. As a consequence of this tragic death, the web page all things related to the net have been suspended pending review."
Being a big fan of Napolean and Alex from the very beginning, I was so very saddened to get this news from Neal - Alex must miss Napolean very much.) (see Rainbow Bridge page for a memory)


Anastasia' homepage - Anastasia lives in Norway with her owner, Thor Skrodal. The page(s) are in the Norwegian language, but there are photo's to see!

Boone and Raleigh - on The Dalmatian Spot - Boone and Raleigh belong to Jean LaCoss, and they are the loves of her life. They'll be very happy if you pay them a visit, they love for folks to stop by!

Bongo in the Netherlands - Yea, for Dutch Dalmatians on the Web!! Bongo is the pride and joy of the Louis family in the Netherlands. They adopted Bongo from an animal shelter here and he's now a loved member of their family! They'll really like it if you visit Bongo's new site!!!
(And three cheers from Djohno and Mickey for this family who has rescued a Dal !!)

Cairo's Homepage - Cairo is a special dog with a special owner. He'll like it if you send him an E-mail when you visit.

Charlie Dalmatian - aka Karel - Charlie is a really friendly Dalmatian who lives with his pet person, Ada, in the Netherlands. Charlie is a good friend of Djohno and Mickey. Visit his page and see him with his Pals having fun in the park!

Charlie's page - The life of a liver spotted Dalmatian in London - Charlie is a liver-spotted Dalmatian born in South London. He's now an Eastender and is very happy... he gets up to all sorts of mischief - just as well he's cute enough to get away with it all!

Chivas's Homepage - Here is a site from the cold country SWEDEN. Chivas Dalmatian lives with his people, Magnus and Kajsa. His site is just in Swedish now, but they are working on a English version.

Dalmatian Fire safety awareness mascots in Australia - There is a group of Dalmatians in Victoria, Australia who perform for children as fire safety awareness mascots. This is a page that Maryann Augustinus did for the Dalmatian Club of Victoria about them.
"Barbara McCumisky has had a long association with the Melbourne Fire Brigade. She bred her first litter in 1985 and kept a male dally, Firechaser Phoenix, (Kitt). Barbara was curator of the Melbourne Fire Museum from 1986 to 1994 and in 1986 the Museum suggested that Kitt should ride on their trucks in a sreet procession. Sadly in 1998 Kitt 1 passed away and Denis, Kitt2 is also soon facing retirement age. Recently a new Kitt 3 has graduated to take the place of Kitt 1 and 2. Tessie (Dimadal Lady Firechaser) has proven herself to be a very worthy replacement. With her enthusiasm for the firesafety work the legend will continue for many years to come."

Dodie and Miro in Australia Dodie and Miro are two Dalmatians who live in Australia and are members of the Dalmatian Club of Victoria. Their person, Maryann Augustinus, is the editor of the club newsletter. Visit and find out more!

Drew's page - "Drew"(Tuckaway Oakmont) may still be a pup, but has his own "spot" on the web. His show career is going well - and he also has a great life and lots of friends at home too!

Dunkan's homepage - Dunkan is a happy Dal who lives with his person, Alena, in Moscow. Visit their new homepage! And we also have a photo of Dunkan here on this site, too! (UPDATE! 24/9: the link to Dunkan's homepage is now correct!)

Fayetteville Fire Dept. Dalmatians These Fire Department Dals in Arkansas have helped the fire department make major strides in public education. The Fayetteville Fire Dept. has a very succesful history of Dalmatians!

FRIDA'S HOMEPAGE - The Dalmatian, Frida, who received the Swedish 1999 Herodog award! Visit Frida's web site and read the heartwarming story of how she saved her owner's life.

Frankie and Jake's Place Where The Spotted Boys Play... visit these two Dals.. nice art, too.

Jake is the highlight of Lora's Page on Dalmatians. Jake is a playful, loving and into-everything Dal. Here you can also find much information about deaf dogs.

Jasmine's House - Jasmine is a wonderful Dalmatian with her own house on the WWW!! - visit her and have fun!

© Alessandro Varaldo 1998animated puppy © Alessandro Varaldo 1998 - used with permission
Katiusha is a young Italian Dalmatian - Alessandro says "My home page with my lovely Katiusha (my dalmatian) ..." This site has all kinds of Dalmatain things: including all new Dalmatian Postcards for you to send! Plus a new Katiusha's Friends page! And Dalmatian links, Dalmatian kit for Windows 95 (!), and more. This site has many cute animations, plus a Dal clipart library -FREE for you to use on your web site! Worth a visit! Site is in both Italian and ENGLISH! The above animated puppy is a brother of Katiusha!

Kayo and Roxanne in the Netherlands Kayo and Roxanne love to go on hiking trips with their "persons", Marco en Ageeth Bos. Visit their web page "TIMBOS" where you'll see lots of photos that Marco and Ageeth made while hiking in Austria, Italy and Switserland with Kayo and Roxanne!
(RS note: the photo's are terrific!- site is well worth the load time...)

Krystal is a young Dalmatian with a very proud owner. Her owner collects all kinds of great Dalmatian things - She says their home is covered in *spots* !!

Lady & Ashes These lucky Dals, Lady & Ashes, belong to the Captain of an engine company for the City of Kinston (NC) Fire & Rescue Department! From their page you can jump over to their boss's page and see a wonderful picture of a huge, modern firetruck!!

Lizzie Lizzie was born on 26 Aug.1998 to two champion parents. She loves to play and eat! She loves to play with her neighbor friends,
2 black Labs -Brandon & Rosie, and her other best friend, Lady. Lizzie lives with her 2 cats, Dinah and Emmi and her MOM, Carol, who adores her - they'd all like you to vist her homepage, "Sesby6's LIZZIE"!

Madison and Bandit These two wonderful, spoiled Dals, Madison and Bandit, live in the Atlanta area. (All Dals are spoiled, aren't they?!)

Max, Emma and Tessa Meet Max, the *Mountain Climbing Dalmatian*, and his sisters, Emma and Tessa! They live in New Mexico and Max even has his own sleeping bag for those mountain climbing treks!!

Merlin's Homepage - Hooray! Our pal Merlin in Canada finally has his own homepage! Merlin (a.k.a. Can/Int. CH. Tramac Mystic Merlin) just loves going places and doing things and romping on the beach with his people. Merlin was also Pet Of The Day in 1997. Visit him!!!

Merlino & Claudio - Merlino is a delightful Dalmatian in Italy. His person is Claudio. When you visit his page you will hear some marvelous music and see many photos that Claudio has taken of Merlino. This is really a delightful and happy spot on the web!!

Misa and Maggie - Misa and Maggie are two adopted Dalmatians owned by Rhonda Walker. Misa turned 2 years old December 98. Maggie turned 1 year old September 98. Visit their page and read all about how these two happy Dals found their new loving home!

Namara's Dals, Mara en Tess - Yea! More Dutch Dalmatians on the Web!! Mara and Tess belong to Peter and Erna Kuipers (... or is it the other way around?!!). They live in the Netherlands and are members of the NCDH. They'll really like it if you visit their new site!!!

Norman Spotz' Homepage - Norman will give you a good laugh when he tells you about his car rides!

Olli - The Dalmatian Chatterly's Oliver - ("or Olli-bolli, Olle, Oltsu, Ollikainen and when we feel really lazy he´s just O") Olli is a liver male Dalmatian and was born 19 February 1998. Olli loves agility! He lives happily in the land of Santa Claus- in Helsinki, Finland - with Emma Pirilä and Kari Mankinen.
This site has excellent links!!!

Oreo and Beanie Melanie's Dalmatians are very happy Dals. Melanie has more Dal info and Dal links too.

Paola & Andrea Home Page Andrea is a young Italian Dalmatian who belongs to Paola. They are friends of Katiusha and Alessandro!
When you get to the page you will read the text, "Per favore, cliccare qui per entrare" , so click on that to enter. Then click on the Paola and Andrea links to see nice graphics, Java animations and a lot of roses and hearts and hear classical music (midi files)! There are Andrea's photos and one of Paola too. A very pleasant experience!!

Pepper Dalmatian's site Really super and fun site! Pepper is a cute young Dal... (and "the guy who feeds her" has great web buttons, backgrounds and lines for you! -Buntz-) Worth a visit!!

Phoebe (Lendalbas Black Jewel) is a ten month old Dalmatian who lives opposite the ocean cliffs of Rye, Victoria, Australia. "Phoebe loves posing for photos so she wanted her very own web page to show everyone. Phoebe's favorite things in life are Food, her sisters, food, her friends, food,showing off, food, running and jumping,food, falling asleep in front of the heater, and last but not least - *me ( because I feed her !)." (Marina Andersen/Preis is *me).

Polka Dots and Orion's Cyber "Spot" - Ah, .. a "Dog's Life" ... how sweet it is! Double up with laughter as you read about their escapades.. They also have a bunch of links to their favorite sites.

Pongo's Place in Dal Space! - Pongo and Tucker, his Corgi "brother", love doing obedience and agility! Check out the Doggie Scoop, a training newsletter, Visit Pongo's rescue info page, Read about Pongo's personal rescue story! Meet Pongo's kitty sister. Links to interesting dog Training and related Sites including obedience and agility training, plus links to other sites of interest
Pongo's Place and Tucker's Tales have been updated with Camp Gone to the Dogs 1999 photos, new links, and news. You'll find the link to Tucker's page on Pongo's page. Hope you enjoy, wait for the index pages to load, sound on both home pages!

Popcorn and Charlie - The Tracking Dals and their housemate Abby Popcorn UDTX CGC TDI, and Charlie CD TD are something to behold. Visit and find out all about their obedience and training activities and also about *all* of the Western Pennsylvania Tracking Dalmatians!
Also, meet Abby: W.C. Abicrombie (ABBY)-born 9-17-85-Abandoned Dalmatian-Rescued in january 1997... happy in this loving home and still going strong at age 14!

Pötyi Dalmatian and his person, Orsi "Hello, my name is Orsolya Molnár, and I'm a Hungarian dalmatian-lover. I'm only 14, and I've got a 2,5 years old male dal, his name is Pötyi (pedigree name is Ágómenti Xanadu). Pötyi has a lot of Dutch forefathers. Orsi also maintains the the Dalmatian Club of Hungary's official website at: http://alpha.dfmk.hu/~kutya/Dogs/dalmataclub.htm

Prince's Page - "Dalmatianmania" - Prince is a really "cool" Dalmatian who loves to make new friends. He has some links for medical stuff and rescue, too.

Quincy's & Tessa's Homepage - Quincy and Tessa are two Dalmatians who live in Holland with their pet person, Marijke, and their two cats, Shiela and Lucky! Visit their page where you'll find out how smart they all are and see their pictures, too!

Ralph & Fleck's Home Page Ralph (person), Ralph's wife, and Fleck Dalmatian like camping and doing things together. Visit them!

Spencer's Spotted Page Spencer is a 6 year old Dal living in Tampa Florida. He is very active in local animal rescue groups as well as visiting hospitals and nursing homes. Spencer helps his pals!

Spikkel homepage of Sita and Mowgli - Femke's Dalmatians, Sita and Mowgli, live in the Netherlands. They love running, swimming and playing (of course!). They have a really nice homepage with lots of photos. The text is in Dutch.

Spike, a Cool Dalmatian Spike is a ten year young Dalmatian that enjoys both city and outdoor life. Spike is also a rescue and his boss is very proud and happy with him. They hope more people will rescue Dalmatians!

Tara´s Page - This site is dedicated to Stephanie and Paul Yates' Dalmatian, Queeny vom Hause Baltino, who they call “Tara”.
"She came to us in September1998 and since than brought a lot of joy to us............." Tara lives with Stephanie and Paul in Germany. Stephanie is also a horsewoman, so all you horse lovers will enjoy Tara's site as well !

Taupe's Very Own Homepage - Taupe, the Trainee Wonder Dog - Australia's first Dalmatian in Cyberspace!!! (and one of the first of all Dals in Cyberspace!) Taupe is now "The Reverend Taupe" - the first ordained Dalmatian minister on the WWW! He has interesting photos on his page !

Teala's Homepage - Teala is a young Dalmatian who lives in the U.K. She lives with a handsome German Shepard Dog pup named Reef, a couple of budgies and a few tropical fish, and her human pets including the kids! Reef also has his own homepage if you'd like to visit him too!

Thelma and Friends homepage - All about Thelma, a 2 yr. old rescued liver dal, and her 2 dog sisters, Annie, a border colllie mix, and PD, a cocker mix. Thelma is very happy in her new home. Visit and read about Dal rescue, too!

Tillie and Frasier These are the Tumbling Dice Dalmatians - they have nice photos.

Tuckabee's Hideaway - Tucker, aka "Tuckabee," is a 14 week old Dalmatian sensation!! (As of Nov.'98 that is..) Even though he's just a wee chap, he already knows that this is "MY WORLD!" He's full of himself and he knows that it's all about him! This is a really cute site to visit!

Zoey & Phoebe These two Dals are in Canada and will soon be moving with their owners to the U.S. Visit them and say hello.

A little bit about us...

Imma -Alessandro Varaldo 1998

Kal -Alessandro Varaldo 1998

We love chow time!

and bet you do too!

o "Jimmy Rhys" - ("Gwynmor Mr. Jim Dandy" !)
Oh, boy! A new puppy joined our family in March 2000! We call him "Jimmy Rhys" - after his breeder Rhys Morgans - and "Jimmy Rhys" sounds like a good ol' Southern name too! ('Rhys' sounds like 'reese'). ...
AND...Hey, Kathy McCoubrey (
Ravenwood Dalmatians) gave us the basic clicker training lessons by e-mail for Jimmy !!!! WOW! - marvelous results!!!!

o Mickey (Dorka Van Huis Dalmatho) (the link to her photo works now!)
Mickey was born on January 24th, 1988. She's a black spotted Dal and weighs about 28 kilos. She's trim and energetic and just loves to run next to the bike. Her favorite spot is at our other house in the woods! Sometimes we call her "Tricky" because she can do things like wrap herself in a blanket quicker than you can wink!. She smiles a lot -especially if there's food around! She misses Toby - he was her best friend - She eats a bisquit in his honor every day now. - Toby, the happy go lucky dog that he was hoped that all his Dal pals would once in a while eat a bisquit as a toast to his memory !

o Djohno (Ch. Djohn Deere of Dalbury's Clan, JW&W'92)
Djohno has come to live with us (Jan.'97) and be Mickey's new pal. He was born in Oct.'91. Djohno is one of the sweetest and lovable Dals we've ever known. He loves running next to the bike with Peggy, and has built up lots of muscle doing that - we call him "Djohno Schwarzenegger" now !!!!

o Hi - I'm Nikita, (Toby's) Mickey's and Djohno's Russian Blue cat (the link to his photo is new!)
Just like dogs to forget to mention me, the cat! I go on walks with them - I guess they're too far out in Cyberspace wagging their own tails to think about things like that! Meow, meow!

o Toby (Efkes Valentine Van Huis Dalmatho) 14 feb.'84 - 7 nov.'96
Toby was born on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14th, 1984. Both he and Mickey were bred by Mevr. A. Huisman-Vos here in the Netherlands, where they were born. Toby, a liver spotted Dal, was 63 cm. at the withers*, and weighed 30 kgs, was strong, brave, and masterful! Before getting rather old, he loved to trot along next to the bike. Finding food was a favorite hobby but he wasn't fat. (*Dals here are bigger than American Dals! - and some Champions are, too!). ....
P.S. (Toby had a "birthday brother", Domino, in Australia - Domino was born on 14 Feb. '84, too.)

Graphic by Maryann Augustinus
.... if you're curious you can look at Our pictures - pictures of our people, and us, going places and doing things...
Now that you've met our Pals (and read a little about us) ....
The story of the Rainbow Bridge A story to comfort those whose pet has died..

**Toby in Dog Heaven **
Efkes Valentine van Huis Dalmatho
Toby foto
14 februari 1984 - 7 november 1996
Our vet came on 7 November and put Toby to sleep. It was good for Toby that he was happy in his own home. We went for a nice short walk - he could not walk far, but enjoyed the fresh air with me, Peggy and Mickey. When we got home he got a nice rawhide stick and a cookie before Dr. Kleinjan got here. Mickey laid down next to him the whole time. Toby thought it was just another day and dozed off for his afternoon nap as usual.
We miss him very much. We will put his ashes under "his" rhododendron in the country - he always loved to lay in the shadow of its leaves in the summertime. He had a good life.
He was a loving and brave dog up to the very end. Now he's in dog heaven with Pieter, Suzy, and Sheba Dalmatians and all of his many dog friends now passed.
Toby's memory also will live on in cyberspace with this, his, Dalmatian www page - the title will not change...

Graphic by Maryann Augustinus.... hushpuppy AT compuserve DOT com -that's where you can send questions or comments about this site...

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