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Acme Pet - Your Guide to Pets on the Internet !!!

A Family-Safe Animal Search Engine

Animatians and Graphics For Your Web Site - This site brings you absolutely free website graphics, javascripts, resources, hard to find html, and many other useful things. Also With Hard To Find HTML, Javascripts, resources, information for web page beginners, links, and more.

BrandynJoe - "Our Kid's Website" WOOF! Brandy & Joe (& Waya & Tsuwa & Saloli & Cane Kitty) have have some really interesting stuff to offer - this is their "Our Kid's Website" with their Agility Page...

 Wolf /Blue Mountain Arts Animated Greetingshttp://www.bluemountainarts.com FREE Animated Electronic Greeting Cards <! bmawolf.gif image copyright © 1996 by Blue Mountain Arts, Inc. Permission granted to use link to www.bluemountainarts.com>

Graphic © by Pat Kelly

Cordelia's Corner Visit our very friendly friend, Cordelia, the Otterhound! She lives in a super house, and has some interesting links - she updates this page every month or so! This is a photo of Cordelia, the Otterhound relaxing in her raincoat before venturing out in the rain. Graphic © by Pat Kelly.

CompuServe Pets Forum Group "The Net's Best Thing for Pets and Animals". An interesting and informative web site for all animal lovers. Lots info and links!

The Deaf Dogs Web Page This page concerns the care and training of deaf dogs and those with hearing problems. Many links to research sources.

Dieren Info (Nederland) "Ons panel heeft wel zeven specialisten op elk gebied!"

DOGZ - virtual dogz ! Have you already adopted a virtual dog from the program DOGZ? It is really crazy!! This computer dog can do everything and you can really teach him all kinds of things. He/she can also be let out on the internet, and there you can again meet a lot of other DOGZ dogs!

Good Citizen Dog Scheme of The Kennel Club This is the British Kennel Club's Good Citizen Dog Scheme - it outlines what the dog must do to get this award. Learn about what makes a dog a good citizen!

Horses of the Dutch We all know how much Dalmatians love horses, so it is only fitting that we give you this link!!! Horses of the Dutch offers you everything about horses; hundreds of addresses, events, even an on-line stud book!! A most complete site with too much information to list here. Visit this site!!

Information SuperLibrary One of the largest publishers in the world. I went to this page and saw "Browse one of our subjects" so I selected Pets. My wait was rewarded with a huge long list of books - including many many for Dalmatians!! Of course you can choose any subject you want!

LINK - De wereld online! Link magazine - alles over de Internet en alle andere on-line dingen (HTML, enz.) dat U wil weten! (Yes, this is site of the magazine that awarded our Toby's & Mickey's site the prize in the category "the nicest homepage" in their Homepage Contest in 1996!)



The Netherlands CompuServe website

Nederlandse zoekmachines - Zoek.nl - Search.nl - Ilse.nl - Internetgebruikers kunnen zo'n database raadplegen en zoeken op een bepaald sleutelwoord. Als 't bijvoorbeeld gaat over honden, dan kan een Internetgebruiker "honden" als sleutelwoord (zoekwoord) opgeven en zo homepages vinden.

Rachel's Mammoth List of Search Engines This should help you to find what you're looking for! (FYI: Rachels' dog Cipo has flown three trans-atlantic trips with her, plus several domestic U.S. flights as well !!)

Webguide E-zine WebGuide featured Dalmatians in the Dec. 1996 page! - visit their page!

WWWeb Yellow Pages The New Riders' Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages. Trying to find something on the web? Let this search engine find it for you! It's so easy - just type in a word like Dalmatians or Dogs and click their Search button! Voila!

... hushpuppy AT compuserve DOT com -that's where you can send questions or comments about this site...