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Toby's and Mickey's

Your Guide to Dalmatians on the Web

(Created February 1996 - Revised and reduced April 2008)

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For the most reliable, complete, and expert Dalmatian information,
start off with these sites:

National and International Dalmatian Breed Clubs
The breed club sites have complete information including the breed Standard. Most have Breeder referral lists as well.
DCA - The Dalmatian Club of America
( includes links to all Regional Dalmatian Clubs affiliated with the DCA.)
British Dalmatian Club
North of England Dalmatian Club
The Dalmatian Club of Canada
Australia: Dalmatian Club of Victoria
incl. links to all Australian Dalmatian clubs
NCDH - Netherlands Club for Dalmatians
(includes links to sister Dalmatian clubs in Europe)
WAFDAL - World Association For Dalmatians
(Formerly the European Cooperation of Dalmatian Clubs - ECDC)
This is the communication channel for the World Association For Dalmatians. Here you will find information about the WAFDAL organization and the Dalmatian, the
FCI Standard for the Dalmatian, and links to sites of WAFDAL member breed clubs.

Dalmatian Information and Resource sites:
(three of the *BEST* Dal sites on the web)
(formerly the Dalmatian Information Station). Extensive resources and information "for Dalmatian owners and owners-to-be".
Dalmatian Telegraph-All About UK Dalmatians
with extenstive general and topical information, plus includes links to all four UK Dalmatian clubs
Dalmatian Assistance League / DalSavers
"D.A.L./Dalsavers is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization devoted to supporting a national network of independent Dalmatian rescue volunteers. "

Contact your National or local Dalmatian club for breeder referrals if you're looking for a pup, and for info about adult Dalmatian adoption.

Please consider adopting a homeless Dalmatian, even if you have a Dal - every Dal loves a pal - and every Dal wants a home!

Please Support Dalmatian Rescue! *********

Kathy McCoubrey's
Dalmatian Information Station (now
Dalmatians.US )
has the following documents in Adobe PDF format
available for free download for use in public education activities:

DCA 102 Dalmatians Brochure (trifold brochure), DCA 102 Dalmatians (flyer format), Is A Dalmatian Right For You?, Dalmatian Pros and Cons, Selecting A Breeder, Benefits of Spay/Neuter, Training Your Dalmatian, Should I Breed My Dalmatian?, How To Place Your Dog In A New Home, and more...


AND... you'll also want to read:
My Views On "102 Dalmatians" by Kathy McCoubrey

... and visit

... then click on their menu button "Dal Education" on the left side of the page to go to the
Dal Education brochures index page where you can download the Dalsavers brochure, "It's a Life - Be Responsible" and press releases and flyers (pdf files) .
I urge everyone from first time puppy buyers to Dalmatian clubs and rescue groups to get your free copies of these informative documents

Notice (per 07apr08):
When this site first went on the web in Feb. 1996 there were less than 30 (very hard to find!) Dalmatian sites on the web. It was very time consuming to find sites in those days, I created this site as a guide to point other Dal enthusiasts to the sites I had found and visited. The site grew and evolved for several years.

As of 2008, a Google search using the keyword 'dalmatian' produces about 2,900,000 results within seconds. Therefore, IMO, most of the pages that existed on this site thru 2007 are no longer needed.

Also, I no longer have time to maintain pages other than this homepage and these few other pages:

"Djumping Djohno Award" Winners Page -
A unique Web Site Award!!! This is an award that is given by this Toby & Mickey site to Dalmatian sites that have special unique content. Very few sites can qualify for this award - it is not given lightly! Go see who the winners are, and visit them! (links checked and one link updated:28 mar. 2008 )
*Tail Injury*
The story of lessons we learned since our Dal broke his tail.... and our advice for a possibly broken tail. (upd: 01apr2008 - new link added)

TRAVELING WITH DOGS - Your dog can have a good and safe trip (incl. on an airplane) if you prepare well for his/her trip. Valuable info on separate pages for easy printouts, also a page with links to excellent info. sites. (Reorganized: 02 Apr.2003 , Upd: 02 Apr. 2003)
Tags and doc.s for the dog travel crate - This page has information + samples of an ID tag, and of a document you should provide on the crate (and can also give to the flight crew).
(Created : 31 March 2003, Upd: 31 March 2003)


... hushpuppy AT compuserve DOT com -that's where you can send questions or comments about this site.


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