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Djumping Djohno Award
Winners Page


(Who's that?)

(That's our Djohno,
jumping for joy!)

The "Djumping Djohno" Award is named after our Dal, Djohno (Ch. Djohn Deere of Dalbury's Clan, JW'92, W'92),
since he always jumps in the air when he gets excited about something special!

* Very few sites can qualify for this unique award - it is not given lightly! *

The sites listed on this page have won this award because of their special appeal to Dalmatian lovers. Each one offers unique content on the web. And most of all they all show the world how to make life wonderful for Dalmatians everywhere!
Because of this it makes us want to jump for joy! We think any Dalmatian person would jump at the chance to visit these sites!

Why they are special

28 Nov. 1998:
Kathy McCoubrey, for
Dalmatians.US (formerly Dalmatian Information Station)

(link updated 28mar2008)

This site provides so much vital and useful information about the Dalmatian  breed in order to educate the public about Dalmatians. It provides Dalmatian people with the opportunity to share information and ideas as well, and provides new Dal owners easy access to the answers they need.
You'll find information about everything 'Dalmatian' here! - training, health, breeding, feeding, activities, rescue, raising puppies, .... well, just about anything you can think of!


28 Nov. 1998:
Maryann Augustinus, for
Dalmatians Dodi and Miro

This famous site offers wonderful Dalmatian graphics for Dalmatian sites and Clubs. It also provides excellent information about Dalmatians in Australia, and promotes Austalian Dalmatian Clubs.


28 Nov. 1998:
Alessandro Varaldo, for
Alessandro e Katiusha home page

This site is delightful in that it offers so many free graphics, plus fonts, puzzels, fun and original photos, and beautiful music too! You feel good when you visit.


28 Nov. 1998:
Marina Preis, for
Seajewels Homepage

This site presents some of the best Dalmatian photography I've ever seen. What a delight that Marina can catch the spirit and essence of Dalmatians with a camera for all of us to see!


29 Nov. 1998:
Maria Zorka, for

This is a site which is devoted to the welfare of Dalmatians everywhere. It is one of the most comprehensive sites for Dalmatians on the Web. You will even find recipes, poetry, and first aid kit advice. Plus a quality links page. Any and every subject concerning Dalmatians is to be found here.

23 Feb. 2000:
Nancy Welsch, for
Dalmatian Assistance League / Dalsavers

A grateful round of applause goes to the DALMATIAN ASSISTANCE LEAGUE/DALSAVERS !

This organization of volunteers is "dedicated to restoring abandoned, abused and neglected companion Dalmatians to a healthy environment."

They operate under the rescue guidelines of the Dalmatian Club of America. They aim to "educate owners and the public about Dalmatians, offer counseling and training options, and to aid in the rescue of those Dals truly in need." They also fund their United States rescue volunteers' efforts in rescuing and helping unwanted Dalmatians., and provide them with communication and educational resource support.
Their primary source of revenue is from donations and from their Dalsavers/ResQ-Me T-shirt sales.

You'll find so much on this site: DCA slideshows, images to download, 'The Spotted Rainbow Bridge' memorial site. You can find Dalsavers members, read interesting articles, click on interesting links...
AND (!) you can send digital Dalmatian postcards, and get DalSavers Greeting Cards, holiday and birthday cards to benefit Dalmatian rescue. And, believe me, the postcards and greeting cards will knock your socks off! - They are fantastic!

Pay a visit to these sites - and don't forget to bookmark them!


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Created: 28 November, 1998