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Jim Dandy, the
Dalmatian Christmas Postman


All the Christmas cards have finally been stuffed into the envelopes, they're all addressed, stamped and ready to go...

Yikes! Now a big bunch of 'em have to be
"paw- delivered"
to the neighbors' mailboxes!


... uh oh...

... our people pets are taking
antlers and a Christmas mail backpack out of the box !

(... at this point, Mickey and Djohno Dalmatians do their 'disappearing act')


Jim Dandy To The Rescue!!!

I ( Jimmy) figure this could be my big chance to get famous... so,
I get the cap on, and the mail pouch gets buckled up and ready... but before we go I'd like a scarf please!

... that's better! now I'm a real Jim Dandy, aren't I?!



and off we go delivering the Christmas cards-

.... .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
(sure are a lot of neighbors!)
.... .. .. .. .. .. ..
 (sure are a lot of neighbors!)
.... .. .. .. .. ..
(sure are a lot of neighbors!)
.... .. .. .. ..
(sure are a lot of neighbors!)
.... .. .. ..
(sure are a lot of neighbors!)
.... .. ..
(sure are a lot of neighbors!)
.... ..
(sure are a lot of neighbors!)
.... ..

(just ONE more!)


(sure were a lot of neighbors!)
 whew! finished at last!

. home again! .

"Hey person-pet, did you see how everybody admired the heart spot - the one on my back just behind my mail pouch?! "
(Brag brag!)


Hey Djohno! Little "Jim-Dandy-show-off"

is back home again!
When they put these antlers on us,
I thought we were going to get hitched up to a sleigh!
Yeah, Mickey! I'm glad it was him and not us!...

Ha ha ha ha - he does the deliveries and we'll get cookies too now!!!
... You know, I like this pup more every day!


all you Dallies

and other doggies:
(and people, too)
the moral of this story


when others

want you to join in

the Christmas fun, then

put on a big smile,

wag your tail




you'll make others happy too!


Why, something special might appear

under the Christmas tree -



. .






Happy Holidays ! Thanks for visiting !

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