Updated: 05 March, 2000

Hi ! My name's Charlie, what's yours?

I'm a pretty neat guy, friendly and outgoing, and I just love my boss!!! Here's my latest greatest photo:

"Karel de Groot" (aka "Charles the Great"!)

I'm ALL EARS!!!!!


These next photo's were taken in the park... we went with my Dalmatian friends, Djohno and Mickey that day. Djohno, Mickey and I just love to tear up the park! (ha,ha , just kidding!)

Here I am with my boss, Ada - she's a really fun person and she thinks that I'm the greatest!

Charlie and Ada

Nice thing about "our" park is all the water. And there's so many great things to sniff. (Of course we've got to know who else has been here while we're not around!)

us Dals by the water
Charlie in the bullrushes

That's me, champion swimmer! That little green floating thing looks interesting...

Oh well, just a leaf... I'd hoped it was something to eat!

Charlie in the water
us at the windmill

Our people like the windmill place. That's my boss, Ada in the red jacket. Mickey's boss, Peggy, is in the blue jacket.

Aren't humans silly? That's Djohno's boss, Rosemarie. She thought tooting at me would make me sit up nicely for a photo ("think again!"). Oh well, we Dals just have to let them think they're in charge (ha!)

RM tooting at Charlie

Now, Rosemarie made this page for me as a present from Djohno and Mickey for Sinterclaas Day '98 (That's St. Nicholas Day, Dec. 5th - you know, when kids and pets get lots of gifts!). That's because I'm always so good <vbg>! (Well, not "sissy good"... but "naughty good" - after all, I *am* a guy!) -



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