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Toby's & Mickey's

"Our Pictures - 2"

Gwynmor Mr. Jim Dandy

Mickey, little Jimmy, and Djohno

... it's supper time!



Photo © Rosemarie Sweeny

... almost ready to eat...



Photo © Rosemarie Sweeny

... Jimmy after supper...

Photo © Rosemarie Sweeny)



Jimmy and Djohno in the country.
Djohno is crazy about Jimmy and Jimmy idolizes Djohno.

Whenever Jimmy gets a little wild, Djohno (very gently) teaches Jimmy puppy manners...

Djohno just gently holds Jimmy's muzzle in his mouth until he calms down - and then they play again!


nap time...
how sweet he is!

Jimmy with a pal at clicker training

Ain't he a Jim-Dandy ?!

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