Congratulations to the Norwegian-Dutch Dalmatian

* Ch. Spotnik's Special Selection, CW'00, BW'00, W'00 *
and... Netherlands "Dog of the year 2000"

 Selwyn 14 mo.s  © A. &  R. Morgans, 2000
Breeder and co-owner: Mrs. Helle Hoie (Norway)
co-owner: Mrs Annemiek Morgans (Netherlands)

This handsome Dalmatian, Spotnik`s Special Selection (Selwyn),
bred and born in Norway and living in the Netherlands,
 Selwyn -BIS Arnhem © A. &  R. Morgans, 2000
has achieved these really extraordinary results so far:

July 2001: This page gives Selwyn's show results only thru Dec. 2000!

So once you have read this page, I hope you will visit him on his own Gwynmor site!

Since 2000 Selwyn has just kept on winning and winning, so you will want to
visit Selwyn on the Gwymor site
to see all his continuing results after the year 2000 through 2007
We want you to now get all the most and best news straight from
his owners, our friends! - and what good new news they have!

Best in Group,

(Dog of the year)
SHOW 2000

11 februari 2001

*Entries by Invitiation Only*
Best in Group Winners in the Year 2000
All Groups Show
11 February 2001,

, Netherlands,
Entries: 73 - (the Top Winning dogs of the Netherlands in 2000)
o FCI groep 6 -Lopende honden en Zweethonden: De heer J. Fatauros
o Hond van het Jaar -Best in Show: De heer J.J. van de Berg.

Under the auspices of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Kennelclub ‘Cynophilia’ and in cooperation with the Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch Gebied in Nederland, De Hondenwereld and Pedigree, the "Hond van het Jaar Show 2000" (Dog of the year 2000 show) was held on op 11 februari 2001.
Entries for this show are by *invitation only*, purely and only for Group winners of 2000.
All group winners of all Netherlands CAC- en CACIB shows in 2000 received personal invitations. The dogs must be owned by Netherlands owners.

Spotnik's Special Selection, CW 2000, BW 2000, W. 2000 (Selwyn) is the first Dalmatian ever to win the coveted Best in Show at any "Top Dog" / "Hond van het jaar" show in the Netherlands.

Year 2000 wins:

Best of Breed, Best in Group,
24 April 2000

All-Breed Show (CAC-CACIB)
, Netherlands,
24 April 2000,
KC Friesland Easter Show
Entries: 2,353

Best of Breed, Best in Group,
4th Best In Show
13 en 14 May 2000

All-Breed Show (CAC-CACIB)
, Netherlands,
13 en 14 May 2000
Entries: 1535

Best of Breed, 2nd Best in Group
"Belgian Winner 2000"
20 + 21 May 2000

All-Breed Show (CAC-CACIB)
Brussels, Belgium,
20 + 21 May 2000

Best of Breed, Best in Group,
2nd Best In Show
Den Bosch,
27 en 28 May 2000

All-Breed Show (CAC-CACIB)
Den Bosch, Netherlands,

27 en 28 May 2000,
Kyn. Ver."Tilburg"
Entries: 2101

Best Dog,
3 June 2000, Netherlands

Championship Specialty Show
, (CAC)
Asperen, Netherlands,
3 June 2000,
Netherlands Dalmatian Club

Entries: 111
Judges: Mrs. B. Kacens (Luxemburg) dogs,
Mr. A. Foss (Norway) bitches.

Best of Breed, Best in Group,
10, 11 en 12 June 2000

All-Breed Show (CAC-CACIB)
Arnhem, Netherlands,
10, 11 en 12 June 2000
Entries: 1849

Best of Breed, Best in Group,
7th Best In Show
9 July 2000

All-Breed Show (CAC-CACIB)
Uden, Netherlands
9 July 2000
Kyn. Club Uden

Best of Breed, Best in Group,
7th Best In Show
27 Augustus 2000

All-Breed Show (CAC-CACIB)
Rotterdam, Netherlands,
27 August 2000
Entries: 2475
Judges: Mrs. G. Cook (Australia) -Dalmatians,
P. Cross Stern -Group.

Best of Breed, Best in Group,
2nd Best In Show
9 September 2000

All-Breed Show (CAC-CACIB)
Nieuw-Bergen, Netherlands,

9 September 2000,
Kyn. Club"Land van Cuijk"
Entries: 1550

Best of Breed, Best in Group,
5th Best In Show
14 en 15 October 2000

All-Breed Show (CAC-CACIB)
Utrecht, Netherlands,

14 en 15 October 2000, Utrechtse Rashonden Ver. (Utrecht Purebred Dog Assoc.)
Entries: 2046

Best of Breed, Best in Group,
4 & 5 November 2000

All-Breed Show (CAC-CACIB)
Maastricht, Netherlands,
4 en 5 November 2000

Selwyn is currently
one of the Top winning dogs of All Breeds in the Netherlands.

(the official "2000 Topdog" competition probably will be held in 1st Qtr. 2001)

Best Dog,
12 November 2000, Belgium

Championship Specialty Show
, (CAC)
Vilvoorde, Belgium,
12 November 2000,
Belgian Dalmatian Club

Entries: 107
Judge: Mrs. Brenda Smith (England)

Best of Breed
"Winner 2000"
3rd Best in Group
The Winner 2000, Amsterdam
25 November 2000

111th WINNER
All-Breed Show (CAC-CACIB)
Royal Netherlands Kennel Club
Amsterdam, Netherlands,

25 en 26 November 2000,
Dalmatians: Hr. J. v. Hummel (Netherlands),
Group: Hr. J. Hiddes (Netherlands).

Best of Breed
3rd Best in Group
"The Christmas Show"
18 December 2000

All-Breed Show (CAC-CACIB)
Wijchen, Netherlands,
16, 17 & 18 Dec. 2000
Judges: Mrs. W. Hübenthal (Norway) -Dalmatians,
P. Cross Stern (England) -Group.


Selwyn is a Norwegian Dalmatian, bred by Mrs. Helle Hoie (Spotnik), and imported into the Netherlands by Mrs. Annemiek Morgans (Gwynmor) when he was three months old.

Selwyn was just 15 months old, and it was his first time in the Open Class for Dalmatians, when he won Best In Show at the All-Breed Easter Show of KC Friesland.

For a Dalmatian to win Best in Show at an all-breed CAC-CACIB show here in the Netherlands is a rare achievement - especially so since there are only 12 to 13 such shows here each year.

Prior to Selwyn, the last all breeds BIS-win of a Dalmatian in the Netherlands was in 1986, Ch. Chaveer of the Peacock' Garden. Certainly not, as far as can be remembered for the past 50 years, has a Dalmatian piled up so many major wins in this country as he has this year... He is will be shown in other countries as well.

Before Selwyn, the only Dalmatian in Europe to have won Best in Show on three occasions at international Kennel Club shows was Selwyn's great-great-grandfather, Int. & Nordic Ch. Olbero Onsdag Pojke, imported into Norway by Helle and Ole Hoie (Spotnik).

In 2000, Selwyn also had three international KC BIS wins to his credit: Leeuwarden in April 2000, Arnhem in June 2000, and Maastricht in November 2000.

Selwyn is the also the new record holder for the most Best in Group wins at international all-breed championship shows held in the Netherlands in any one year. Not only did he win Best in Group nine (9) times in 2000, but those were consectutive wins as well.

His titles thru early 2001: his BIS-win at the Ch.Clubshow made him 'Clubwinner 2000'. His BOB-win at Brussels made him 'Belgian Winner 2000'. His BOB-win at the Winner made him 'Winner 2000'.
On 11 February 2001 Selwyn became "Hond van het jaar 2000" - (Dog of the Year 2000), which means that he is the Year 2000 Top winning dog of All Breeds in the Netherlands!

In early 2001 Selwyn was still too young to be a Dutch Champion. A dog needs 4 CC's, of which the last one must be won after 27 months of age. Selwyn already had 13* Dutch CC's up to then, which meant that even a Res. CC would do after the age of 27 months.

In 1999 he won BIS-Puppy at the European Dalmatian Clubs Show '99, and was
*BOB + 4BIG at Wijchen '99 (at 11 mo.s).

Annemiek and Rhys Morgans (Gwynmor Dalmatians), as well as Mrs. Helle Hoie (Spotnik), are extremely proud of Selwyn - a fantastic Dalmatian and a great showman!!!

... he also has a lovely temperament and a 'Dally' sense of humor
- he is a joy and a delight to be around!

Selwyn -BIS Arnhem © A. &  R. Morgans, 2000

Visit Selwyn's page on the Gwynmor Dalmatians web site,
to see his pedigree, photos, and all of his super results since 2001.

... And of course, congratulations to
Annemiek and Rhys Morgans
(Gwynmor Dalmatians)!
and to Selwyn's breeder and co-owner,
Mrs. Helle Hoie (Spotnik) !
(Spotnik Dalmatians)

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