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This page has been reorganized into separate pages to allow you to easily printout the information you want/need.


Many of you have asked for information about traveling with your dogs/Dals, especially information about air travel. Here is information, tips and advice. Also included at the end of this page are links to sites that have excellent information for you. More links might be added in the future.

Unless your dog has to travel outside of your country (i.e. intercontinental travel ) road travel is preferable to air travel (in my opinion). But sometimes air travel is the only option.

Your dog can have a good and safe trip IF you prepare well for his/her trip. Please heed the advice given here and on the other sites listed here.

The efforts that you put into planning and preparing for your dog's trip will make all the difference for his/her comfort and safety, and is well worth your time... Your dog deserves no less than that!

...yes, I know it's a lot of time consuming work to learn about this and make all the preparations, and that airline approved travel crates aren't free - but you'll do everything your dog needs you to do - because you love your dog!


This site is being revised & updated during the next two to three months (2008)
All links on these pages will be checked and updated as time permits.

Tips and Advice Regarding Dogs Traveling On Planes
are on these pages:
(Our information is now on separate pages that contain text only and are formatted for easy printouts)

1. Preparing your dog for air travel

2. Trip planning

3. The night before and the day of the trip

4. At the airports - Check-in/Departure and Arrival

5. Canine Travel Tips and Advice From Experienced Breeders

6. Links  to Authoritative Sites with Advice and Information For All Traveling Dogs & Pets


ID documents and tags to put on your dogs travel crate.
This page has information and samples of ID information you need to provide both on the crate and to give to the flight crew.


Please be sure to visit the sites listed on the page of travel links (page 6.). Visit those sites to learn what you need to know - your dog is depending on you!

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