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Toby's and Mickey's - Traveling With Dogs

1. Preparing your dog for air travel

Get your dog used to his/her travel crate for at least a month in advance of the flight! - This is *very* important!

Please heed this advice from a very knowledable breeder who has many years of experience of traveling with dogs:
"I cannot emphasize enough how important is to get a dog used to being in the crate while the crate is picked up, moved, taken out of owner's sight etc. Most pets are not used to that much activity and may be very fearful when the owner is no longer in sight.
"Owners should try to allow a month or so to properly condition the dog to travel in the crate.
"Owners might make a tape of loud engine noises...record the tape while the tape recorder is next to the lawn mower...and then play the tape for the dog while it is crated. Start the tape out so it is just barely audible and then gradually increase the volume over a period of time so the dog gets used to it.
"Owners have to really think about all the things the dog will be exposed to when traveling by air and try to prepare the dog for them."

Start several weeks before the trip to get your dog used to the crate:
The crate should be your dog's very own 'safe place' - you want your dog to feel comfortable, secure and relaxed in it. To accomplish that, you will want to:

o Have the dog sleep in the crate at home every night before the trip.

o Do 'practice sessions' at home every day by leaving your dog in the crate while you leave the house. Start for short periods of 10 or 15 minutes, gradually increasing the length of time each following day, until you can leave your dog in the crate while you are out of the house all day. You want your dog to be able to be at home alone in the crate for 8 hours or so.

o If possible, take your dog to a friends home and let him/her have practice sessions of being alone in the crate there as well.

o Your dog will then feel safe and be comfortable being alone in the crate -his home away from home- during a long plane flight. - That is your crate training goal!

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