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2. . Trip planning

Making the flight reservations:
Make sure you make the reservations for your dog well in advance of your dog's trip. If your dog is going to accompany you on your flight, then tell that to the airline at the time you make your own reservations. The airlines must know in advance that live animals will be traveling -it is essential that they know this so they can ensure the animals are booked on flights that are not carrying any dangerous substances in the cargo compartment.
Live animals should never be in a cargo compartment with cargo that contains DRY ICE ! - The airlines know this, but it is advisable for you to remind them of that when you make your reservation and ask them to confirm to you that there will be no dry ice or other dangerous substances in cargo with your dog.

Visit my page concerning ID documents and tags to put on your dogs travel crate.
It is at
This page has info about, and samples of, the ID information you need to provide both on the crate and to give to the flight crew.

** Special Notes If You Are Going To a Foreign Country
1) Contact the Embassy of your destination country, (and maybe any country your flight will transfer thru). Find out what the animal import requirements are, and find out what documents you need for your dog's entry. Do this during the initial planning stage for the trip. Most embassies have a web site. Your airline may be able to give you the address, phone number and/or web site address of the embassy. If not, I suggest you do a web search, using a search engine such as Google at - use key words such as embassy and the foreign country-name and your country-name

2) Make reservations in advance for your destination housing (or hotel/motel) accomodations for yourself AND your dog!!! It will be important that you can go directly to your temporary or permanent housing WITH YOUR DOG upon arrival. Make every possible effort before your trip to arrange accomodations that accept your dog. Get a confirmation of those reservations.
Only as a last resort should you take your dog to a boarding kennel at your destination - and that should only be for a short time. If that is your only option, then before the trip make sure that you have confirmed reservations for your dog in a reputable boarding kennel at your destination.
Your dog will be landing at a foreign airport in a strange place, with strange things, strange smells, and people speaking a language he may not understand. He/she will not want to be parted from you once you rejoin each other upon arrival - your dog will be thrilled to see you and will want and need the security of being with you.

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