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of The Toby & Mickey Dal Pals
Tail-Waggers' Club

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The Tail Waggers Club Supports Dal Rescue:

Toby's & Mickey's Links for Dalmatian Rescue & Lost Pets
Dalmatian Rescue Resources

Djohno and Mickey are happy to announce that the

HERO DOG, FRIDA (a Dalmatian)
has been made
A Special Member of the Tail Waggers Club!

The Dalmatian, Frida, was the Swedish 1999 Herodog.

The incredible story about Frida saving her owner's life was also published in the Swedish Dalmatian-Magazin. Of the 30 dogs nominated for this award, Frida won the prize and received the Swedish HeroDog medal and certificate.

Visit Frida's web site, and read the story on her achievement page - it will warm your heart!
(Frida's Tail Wagger membership is unsolicited!)

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Members, listed in order of date they joined:
Alessandro Varaldo and Katiusha Dalmatian
Ravenwood Dalmatians
Cordelia Otterhound
Peggy van Hal
Djohno and Mickey Dalmatians
Nikita THE Cat
Rosemarie Sweeny
Charley Dalmatian & Ada Schotting
Melody Abrahamsen & Peewee Chihuahua & pals

Pongo Dalmatian
Tucker Corgi
Pongo is a serious tail wagger and Tucker tries hard to wag his "stump" but the whole butt wiggles instead!
Can/Intnl CH. Tramac Mystic Merlin
Happy Dal in Canada
Merlin's Homepage
"Peaches" Toy Pomeranian

Send e-mail to Peaches's and her master!

Betty, Ann, MiMi and Tosca ( Pongo's and Tucker's pals)
Sparkles Dalmatian & Tracey
Tracey rescued Sparkles in '92. Now Sparkles is loved, wags her tail , does therapy work and she is also the Romeo Fire Department Mascot in Michigan !
She also has a kitten Wacky that she is raising -who they found as a stray- that is her new friend... those two are inseparabale.
Orrie, Morie, en Holly Dalmatians
Tessa and Lizzy Eng. Cocker Spaniels
Marina, and Phoebe Dalmatian in Australia
Jean and Sparky, her friendly Dalmatian
He is 7 years old and runs free all the time with lots of other critters: 3 horses, 2 dogs, 3 cats, and lots of chickens!
Tracey and her dal gal - Freckles - 4yr old liver spotted dal
She was rescued from the side of a busy road by my friends neighbor. The lady was unable to keep her, so we took her. ... when I saw that face, I couldn't say no. She was 6 mos old, full of worms, & her hips & ribs were sticking out. She is now solid muscle & the most fun in the world.
Dodie and Miro in Australia
... this is Miro, wagging his tail !
Sweetie, Grizz, and Schultz - German Shepherds
...2 years old all Schultzy was rescued by hubby and there's a lotta fur in the house, but the boys are starting to get along. German Shepherds and pretty much nice dogs. Woof ya' all!!
Od Motovuna -- Dalmatian dogs kennel
and Ivana Bakal
Patches Dalmatian
& "Dotty" Dalmatian
and their persons, Marie and Randy.
Dudley Dalmatian was Patches' brother.
rescued Yorkshire Terrier , Pekingese, & a psychotic cat,
the happy pets of Tracey and Freckles Dalmatian!
Harley, a liver spotted Dal, and his person, Kelli.
Lady the Dalmatian and her person, Jim.
Jim is a fireman and Lady is kinda an unofficial mascot for his fire dept. in Michigan!
click here to see a photo of Lady!
Lady and Jim's neat web site in the U.S.!
Dierenkliniek Biltstraat
The Biltstraat Animal Clinic in Utrecht, Netherlands is Djohno's, Mickey's and Nikita's wonderful vet!
"of dal o' mine"
Dalmatian kennel

Jaap en Mieke Gielliet

Visit their new homepage!
Forever Friends of Corbin's Creek & Timanka's Ballroom Blitz (Pongo en Flicka)
in Driebergen, The Netherlands, send greetings to all Dalmatian friends over the whole world!
Djenna & Jordan
"of dal o' mine"
are two
in the Netherlands!!
Jordan is a liver spotted Dal - he was born on 3 Feb. '97 and Djenna is a black spotted Dal - she was born on 9 Apr. '94.
Krystal Dalmatian
Krystal is a young Dalmatian with a very proud owner and nice web page. Her owner collects all kinds of great Dalmatian things - She says their home is covered in *spots* !!
Alexandra Johne and her two Dalmatians, Samson and Gabrielle
Samson is 1 1/2 years old and Gabrielle is 5 months and deaf. (Aug.'98) "My Dals are the light to my every day. I wish I could spend every minute with them."
Samson's brother, Jasper went to doggie heaven in September 1998, He is very much missed.
See the memory to Jasper on Toby's & Mickey's Rainbow Bridge page.
Denise and her beautiful Dalmatian Oreo
"Oreo is a 1yr and 1/2 old liver spotted Dalmatian. His name is Oreo Cookies and Cream. We call him Oreo for short ... when he was 8 weeks old he had tiny brown spots and he looked like the Oreo cookies and cream ice cream. Now he has a perfect heart shaped spot on he back end by his tail. :) "
"Dotty" Dalmatian
is the new little sister of Patches Dalmatian. Marie and Randy got her from a shelter who had saved her from the "death camps" in the city where they live. The vet said she's about a year old. No one claimed her so they're going to keep her. She's a beautiful little "spotty" pal for Patches who has been very lonely since Dudley passed away. When they got her, she was already crate trained, she can sit, lay down, shake "paws". She is such a sweet little thing.
Wanda, Dennis, Gretchen and 2-Face
"Gretchen is the best security guard around! She patrols the house and property day and night. Her best friend is 2-Face the Calico Cat -- though they pretend to be enemies! Gretchen loves riding in the car, taking long walks, basking in the morning sun, going camping, eating fish, burying bones, and just being petted and hugged! She's a wonderful friend, and always ready to give a big kiss!"
link updated!
Alena Drobyshevskaya and her Dalmatian Dunkan
Dunkan is a happy Dal who lives with Alena in Moscow. Visit their new homepage! And we also have a photo of Dunkan here on this site, too!
The Dalmatians
Charlie and Charlie
one of the Charlies is 1 year old and the other is 14 years old and has blue eyes...
Nedra and her three Dalmatians
Two are rescues and one is from a breeder. They are fun and busy all the time.
"You know it is a good day when you see "Spots" before your eyes."
Trish and her Dal "Magic"
"I'm the happy keeper of an 10 year old reg. dal named Estate's Black Magic, "Magic" for short. I have been involved with dalmatians for 26 years and have a true passion for the breed. Magic is more than a member of my family, he is my closest friend."
Randi's Dalmatian
" I have a one year old deaf dalmatian.... she is our LIFE... we love her sooooooo much..... Her name is Gaberialla Moo...(cause of the spots) and the GAberialla came from her constant "Gabbing" on the drive home when we got her. For short, we just call her Gabby. "
Alma Caballero and
her Dalmatian Sasha
Sasha and her person, Alma, live in Puerto Rico. "Sasha is 4 years old and she is very sweet and obedient."
The Namara's Dals,
Mara en Tess
These two Tail-Waggers live in the Netherlands, and they hope you'll visit their new web page!
Kathy Riddle's
R-DALS Champion Dalmatians

"Hi Gang!"
visit them on the web!

Scooby & Xaja
"the two and only Dalmatians in Soesterberg, Holland"
Xaja (Sir Xaja of the Three Turnips) is Scooby's new Dalmatian puppy brother! So Xaja is joining Scooby in the Tail Waggers' Club!
Visit their website!!
You can see a
photo of Scooby, a photo of Xaja, and one of Xaja and Scobby together, here on this site!
Bongo Dalmatian
Bongo is a Dutch Dalmatian and he is the pride and joy of the Louis family in the Netherlands. Bongo was adopted from an animal shelter here and he's now a loved member of their family! They'll really like it if you visit Bongo's new site!!!
Wooffee Dalmatian
Hi to all dogs lovers,
We enjoyed Dal Pals and have become Tail Waggers' Club members. I am a 5 year old Dal and now live with a wonderful lady. My first home was not too good but I got luck on the second one. When Jane works, Mr. Lewis comes over and takes for walks and always gives me a treat after. I have a nice back yard to run in and on Jane's day off, she takes me to the C&O Canal and I get to really run for about an hour. It is so much fun. I get in the water and see ducks and birds. I have just learned about deer and so I stop and look down the toe path to see if there are any. But so far Jane sees them first and puts me back on leash before I can run after them. She thinks I am the most wonderful dog. I am but is it because I am so happy to live here. I get to sleep on her bed and she said that would never happen. See how good I am. Love Wooffee
Dominique Marineau
and her
Dalmatian, Penny
"Penny is a girl Dalmatian and I love her very much!"
Tuckabee Dalmatian &
The Williams Family
Tuckabee would love it if you will visit him and his family on their web page!:
Tuckabee's Hideaway
The two beautiful dalmatians, Ember and Coal
& their proud pet,
Molly Sweetay
Karen Horsfall and her
Dalmatian "TEALA" and G.S.D. "REEF"
They live in the U.K.
Phoxx (Karen) says, "I'm owned by a Dal and a G.S.D plus a couple of budgies and a few tropical fish - Oh and my kids (they can be classed as animals trust me !!!! LOL)."

Ha ha ha! Great sense of humor!<g> Please visit both
Teala's homepage and
Reef's homepage

Trudy Dugan
and her
Dalmatian, Andy
They live in Australia. Trudy wrote, "I have a Dal and his name is Andy and I love him."
Jacqueline Sutton
and her
Dalmatian, Mandie Samantha
Jacqueline says, "Mandie Samantha has saved my life over and over just by being at my side always."
Barb Wagner
and her Dalmatian

"We own a Dal, and love her dearly. She is very active, and doesn't want people around she doesn't know, but she is the dearest love we have!We all enjoy our frequent hugs from her."
Judy Amarose
and her Dalmatians,
Madison and Bandit
These Dals have their own home page! Have fun, go visit
Madison and Bandit's page
Femke Oosterwal
and her Dalmatians,Tara en Sita
Tara and Sita are two happy Dalmatians who live in the Netherlands. See their pictures on their own Spikkel homepage of Tara and Sita
Daisy Dalmatian
Daisy is a sweet heart. She is 12 years old. Her family got her from the dog pound back in 1990 - on Jan 22nd, 1990.
Suzy Q PRN (Susan)
and her dogs,
Penny Dalmatian
Freckles the Pointer
Penny the Dalmatian is 3 years old and Freckles the Pointer is 2 years old.
Pongo Boy Fleming
is a Dalmatian who lives in Powassan, Ontario, Canada.
"My mistress' name is Chantal

I loves to hear from other Dalmatian lovers!!!!!

Kimmy in NC
and Dalmatians,
Bentley and Ashley
"We have two Dalamations, Bentley (3 years) and Ashley (approx. 1 year). Ashley is a rescue. After we adopted her, we found out she was deaf. We have taught her sign language and hand signals. She follows her older brother around like a trooper."
Robert Hullender's
See Wrinkles' photo here on this site!

Thelma and Friends
Thelma is Cheryl Bullard's Dalmatian, and she lives with 2 other dogs, Annie and P.D.
Thelma, Annie and P.D. are all rescued dogs. They all are now happy together in their wonderful home.
Thelma's website has their rescue stories and pictures.
Colleen's Dalmatians
Alexanders Tears of Steel,
Kassandras Roxanne Sugarfrost,
and their son
Semper Pride of Steel.
See a their photo here on this site!
Honorary member
"I'm only the biggest Dal fan in the world (anyone who knows me will tell you that)..."
"Chubby" Dalmatian
and his person
Chubby is the joy of Jamie and his whole family. Jamie thinks Dalmatians are the cutest and most adorable dogs in the world, "I just can't take my eyes off of him."
Jessica Monnig
"The Dalmatian Doggy Dish Homepage"

Jessica's site includes lots of fun things to do, not to mention lots of Dalmatian info for you to use!
Drew Dalmatian
Hi! I'm a 1 1/2 year old Dalmatian.
My web site is
Drew's Spot
Jean LaCoss
and her Dalmatians,
Boone and Raleigh
who are the loves of her life.
Visit them at
The Dalmatian Spot
and her Dalmaians,
Daysha , Luckey, Sassy , Domino and Splash
"yes i love dallies"
Tara Grubbs
and her Dalmatian
Lucky is almost 2 years old (as of 4/99) Lucky and Tara are both crazy about Dalmatians and love to learn more about them..
It really makes Lucky jump up and down to be a member of the Tail Waggers Club!
Katty Loving
and her dogs,
Shadow and Scarlet

"Welcome To My Dog House" ( is dedicated to Shadow (a too smart for his own good black labrador retriever) and Scarlet (not smart enough for her own good golden retriever). Both dogs are extremely loving, great pets and watch dogs.
This site is updated regularly to add more pictures and stories, so come back often to check it out! You will alo meet Shadow and Scarlet's two uncles: Pago, an adorable dalmatian and Butter, well, you'll just have to see him for yourself!
Linda Williams
and her 2 Dalmatians,
Dudley Elvis
and Jorgia Bear,
and all their other pets and dogs
Dudley and Jorgia live with 2 other dogs- Aikman - a Malamute and April who was adopted from the Houston SPCA. Their 2 cats- Tyger & Mr. Binx - adopted strays as kittens, plus 4 birds- Woody, Popeye, Peaches and Sunny, and 3 tanks of fish!
Not only that but they are all members of the Board of their own company! Visit them all at their web site:
(look at the bottom of the page for:
"CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON OUR BOARD" to see all these tailwaggers!)
and her Dal LIZZIE
& Lizzie's neighbor friends,
2 black Labs -

Brandon & Rosie
& her other best friend, Lady
+ her 2 cats, Dinah & Emmi
Lizzie was born on 26 Aug.1998 to two champion parents. She loves to play and eat! And she loves romping with her friends!
Visit Lizzie on her own homepage,
"Sesby6's LIZZIE" !
Rebecca and Bobby Austin
and their Dals,
Sophie and Sammy
Sophie and Sammy are both young, happy Dalmatians who live in Charleston, SC with their proud parents, Rebecca and Bobby.
and her happy Dalmatian,
"Wag, wag!!!"

Danila (Danila Stamm's Kennel)
and her Dalmatians
Spotted Greetings to Dalmatians everywhere from Danila and her Dals in Italy!
Montespino-Danila Stamm's Kennels, Italy

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