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JUNE 28 2000


Marco en Ageeth Bos
and their Dalmatians,
Kayo and Roxanne
in the Netherlands
Kayo and Roxanne love to go on hiking trips with their "persons".
Visit their web page "TIMBOS"
where you'll see lots of photos that Marco and Ageeth made while hiking in Austria, Italy and Switserland with Kayo and Roxanne!

(RS note: the photo's are terrific!- site is well worth the load time...)

The Dalmatians,
Tiny and Sandra
and their person,
Jen Miller
They write, "I am Tiny, almost 10 years old, Sandra is my adopted sister. She just turned 5 last month. I tolerate her, but I am still number one.......
Tiny and Sandra."

See their photo on this site!

Emma, Kari and
The Dalmatian, Chatterly's Oliver ("Olli")
in Finland

Olli is a 2.5 years old male Dal who loves agility! He lives happily with Emma and Kari in the land of Santa Claus - Finland :-)
His website is in both English and Finnish

Check out Olli's (English) homepage!

(RS note: a super site, and really good links,too!)

Lyndsey Hubball
and her new Dalmatian puppy,
puppy Chelsea (c)
in Melbourne
Lyndsey took her new puppy, Chelsea home on 20 July 2000! She says,"... I have a great love and interest for the breed."
and, "I will be showing her soon under the name Blairwick Blue Diamond! cute huh!!!"

see Chelsea's picture on this site...
visit Chelsea's own website!!"

May baby puppy Chelsea and Lyndsey have many happy dally years together!

Congratulations to
The Dalmatian
and his person, Karen
in Stevenage, UK

Domino  © Karen 2000
"What a fun idea, I would love to join all the other Dals out there who have joined your club. I am Domino. I am 19 months old and I live in Stevenage, UK. I own Karen, who says she is "dotty" about me. I am from the ELARIDGE bloodline, and my "real" name is Elaridge Just William. This is me... hope you like the photo.
A big Woof to all my new dal pals... Domino.

Domino joined the Tail Waggers Club on Wed, 28 Jun 2000 (exactly!)

click on his photo above to see a larger image (also on this site!)

Raleigh the Dal Pal
and his person,

Raleigh is Julie's tail wagger - as she says, "He certainly can wag that thing! Last night he had such a chorus going on by the doors of my house to get outside, that I was laughing so hard I couldn't hook the leash to his collar!
... By the way, can I be a member too?"

RS answer: sure you can!!!
- the four-legged members have tails to wag
- and the two-legged members make those tails wag (every day <g>) !!!

Daisy & Smokey Dalmatians
and their humans,
Jimmy and Krista

The Dals, Daisy & Smokey are the owners of Jimmy and Krista <VBG>.

"We got Daisy when she was a tiny almost spotless puppy. She has a beautiful smile and loves to do the "Daisy Dance".
Smokey was rescued from animal control and loves to give Mommy and Daddy big hugs and kisses."

Domino - a new member:

ain't this cute?!
(Domino is listed below)
Tanja Lönnqvist
and her Dalmatians,
"Kennel Firehouse's"
in Finland

Tanja's Dals are active members of the Dalmatian Club of Finland
and are also
certified Search and Rescue dogs!!!

Treat yourself to a Visit at the Kennel Firehouse's website!

These next 9 members
are the most patient dogs and people I know!
They've waited for 3 to 7 months to be listed here!
Patricia Dray and her
Dalmatian DeDe
in Ohio

"DeDe she is one of the family, she talks to us, she's very friendly and loving, and so sweet. She is a real Peach!"
Patricia and her sister work in animal shelters and rescue - they love all animals.

(members per Sun, 10 Sep 2000)
Mystic Molly the Dalmatian
& and her person Amber Robichaud

Molly always keeps that tail wagging!

Come and visit Miss Mystic Molly on her homepage!
(members per Sun, 17 Sep 2000)

Alison and her dogs
Teava the Dalmatian
Thomas the Corgi

Alison,Teava and Thomas would love for you to
visit their site!!!
(members per Tue, 19 Sep 2000)

Dominoe the Dalmatian,
her "sister" Mcgwire
and Vickie

"Hi my name is Dominoe and my sister and I have a new website called Dominoe's Pawprints..
my sister,Mcgwire, is not a Dalmatian , but she is cool anyway..Please come by for a visit and see what our mom Vickie has done for us...."

(members per Fri, 6 Oct 2000)
Tammy Neish

(member per Tue, 10 Oct 2000)

Teresa and her 3 dogs,
Domino the Dalmatian,
Goliath and Gypsy

"My name is Teresa, and I am owned by Domino, a 2 year old dalmatian. She can be stubborn at times, but all in all she is a sweet, loving dog. I am also owned by Goliath, a black lab/red boxer mix with a smile from ear to ear, and Gypsy, a 10 year old Boykin Spaniel with the most beautiful green eyes. These are my babies. I just thought
you might enjoy this picture of Domino. "

click on this photo to see full size one

(members per Tue, 7 Nov 2000)

and his humans,
Terry and Heather

Visit them on their web site!
(members per Fri, 8 Dec 2000)

and her
Dalmatian Lady
in Indiana

Joy wrote on 26 Dec 2000:
"I am now the happy property of a dal named Lady and believe me she is a doll. Lady is 3 years old, and I rescued her from certain death.
Her owner didn't want her anymore and dumped her at her cousins house. The cousin was going to give her to a shelter if she didn't find a home for her.
Why anyone would want to get rid of her is beyond me.
She is very loving, a 75 pound baby really, with very good house manner and is very good with small kids.
She has been in my home for a little over 2 weeks and has captured everyone's hearts. We just love our dal!"

(members per Tue, 26 Dec 2000)
Lady the Dalmatian
her person, Kirsten

Their sooo cute!!!! And I have a DALMATIAN @ home!! Her name is lady!!!

(members per Sun, 14 Jan 2001)


(Sun, 22 Apr 2001)

and her Dalmatian

Spot is 5 years old and Cassie is 9 - they are now also happy members of the Tail Waggers Club!

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