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Links for Dalmatian breeders and kennels

07 April 2008
Most all of the breeders sites that I have previously linked to on this page were certainly reputable and reliable. However, I have decided to discontinue placing those direct links here and now refer you to the breed clubs instead.
The Official Dalmatian breed clubs are in the best position to provide breeder referral services.
Contact your National or local Dalmatian club for breeder referrals if you're looking for a pup, or want info about adult Dalmatian adoption.

National and International Dalmatian Breed Clubs

DCA - The Dalmatian Club of America
( includes links to all Regional Dalmatian Clubs affiliated with the DCA.)
British Dalmatian Club
North of England Dalmatian Club
The Dalmatian Club of Canada
Australia: Dalmatian Club of Victoria
incl. links to all Australian Dalmatian clubs
NCDH - Netherlands Club for Dalmatians
(includes links to sister Dalmatian clubs in Europe)
WAFDAL - World Association For Dalmatians
(Formerly the European Cooperation of Dalmatian Clubs - ECDC)
This is the communication channel for the World Association For Dalmatians. Here you will find information about the WAFDAL organization and the Dalmatian, the
FCI Standard for the Dalmatian, and links to sites of WAFDAL member breed clubs.

Always ask for a breeder's references when looking for puppies - especially their membership standing in their Official Dalmatian breed clubs.


Graphic by Maryann Augustinus

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