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Nothing comes before a good home for every dog. It goes for homeless and lost Dalmatians as well, that ones' own home is worth more than gold.

PET ALERT - Tragedy of September 11th 2001:  
Don't forget the
Help the animals!

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
"In response to the World Trade Center disaster, the ASPCA has set up a command center to assist pet owners during this crisis. The ASPCA command center is located at 4749 King Street between Varick and 6th Avenue. The purpose of the command center is to assist pet owners with stranded pets and provide medical care to animals in need."

The ASPCA Animal Disaster Relief Fund is for anyone wishing to make donations.

Also on this ASPCA site:
Pet owners and friends of missing pet owners will also find much help and advice for helping animals involved in this disaster.


There are so many homeless Dalmatians spending their days longing for someone to adopt them. They deserve a chance for happiness in a loving home!
Please rescue a Dal !

Dalmatian Rescue Links

United States:
(in alphabetical order)

Dalmatian Club of America Rescue Information and Contacts - - (U.S.A.) Here you can find help locating Dalmatian rescue resources by consulting the resource person for your State in the list of regional rescue contacts. On this site you will also find the Dalmatian Club of America Rescue Guidelines, the article "How To Place Your Own Dog", and info on the DCA National Rescue Phone Number, etc. There are several links, including links to the Informational Resources Contact List page, a page to list Dalmatians available for adoption in shelters, and more.
The Dalmatian Club of America Rescue Coordinators are: Kathy McCoubrey and Betsy Smith , Broad Run, VA.

Dalmatian Assistance League / Dalsavers - (U.S.A.) This devoted organization of volunteers is "dedicated to restoring abandoned, abused and neglected companion Dalmatians to a healthy environment." They operate under the rescue guidelines of the Dalmatian Club of America. Their rescue volunteers rescue and help unwanted Dalmatians.

Dalmatian Information Station - (U.S.A.) A great deal of information and links.

Dalmatian Information Station DALMATIAN RESCUE - Go here to get information about Dalmatian rescue and the services provided by Dalmatian rescue organizations.
Dalmatian Information Station Dalmatian Adoption Page - Listing of Dalmatians available (all over the U.S. and more) for adoption. You can also list a Dalmatian for adoption here. (Listing of Dalmatians available for adoption is provided as a public service only. )

Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado, Inc.- (U.S.A.) "Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to locating permanent, loving homes for unwanted or abandoned Dalmatians. We also provide consultation services to assist Dalmatian owners in keeping their Dalmatians and participate in educating the public about the Dalmatian breed."

Dalmatian Rescue of North Texas - (U.S.A.) "DRNT is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex whose mission is to rescue pure bred Dalmatians from shelters, pounds, abandonment and stray situations. Our goal is to find good homes for these animals after we have them spayed/neutered and vaccinated."

  Dalmatian Rescue of South Florida - (U.S.A.)

Dalmatian Rescue of the Triad - Greensboro, NC - (U.S.A.) "Dalmatian Rescue of the Triad promotes the well being of rescued Dalmatians through providing foster homes, medical care, sustenance, socialization, and adoption services. It promotes and supports the spaying and neutering of these animals. It provides educational material to the public about the breed and its needs."

Dalmatian Rescue Resources - (U.S.A.) Dalmatian Rescue Resources provides Dalmatian Rescuers with many information articles and resources to aid them in their work. The new Dalmatian owner will also find answers here for problems they may face. DRR also provides a place to post spayed/neutered Dalmatians in need of homes.

Dal-Savers Dalmatian Rescue, Inc. - (U.S.A.) is a newly formed rescue group. "We are a Non-Profit ALL VOLUNTEER organization dedicated to rescuing and adopting purebred Dalmatians into loving homes. We service Wisconsin, Illinois and can adopt out to approved homes in other states with the help of many volunteer transport services."

Dalmatian Rescue of Middle TN - (U.S.A.)

GWDC dogs available page - (U.S.A.) Greater Washington Dalmatian Club rescue page. (Metropolitan D.C. area)

Kentucky Dalmatians - (U.S.A.) Dalmatian rescue and adoption in Lexington to serve all of Kentucky. This site contains listings of Dalmatians available in KY currently. Please visit.

Lisa Messmer's Dalmatian Information and Helpful Links - *HUGE* list of links for Dalmatian Rescue, Places to List or Find Dalmatians, Other Rescue Sites, Transportation Sites, Missing Pets, and much more.
.... You will also find a link to the update on "Dulcie", Lisa's stolen Dalmatian, at the top of the page....


We Support Save the Dalmatians of  Southern Califonia

Save the Dalmatians of Southern California - (U.S.A.) This site is completely and unselfishly devoted to the worthy and vital cause of saving Dalmatians. This means finding homes for Found or rescued Dals, Dals in shelters, and Dals in Foster homes.

Pongo's Rescue Page - (U.S.A.) Looking for a Dalmatian to adopt? Have a Dalmatian to place? Site accepts E-mails with description and contact information for Dalmatians available for adoption in the Baltimore, Maryland area which are then posted on the site. (Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Harford, Carroll, Howard counties only, for the greater Washington, D.C. area please see Greater Washington Dalmatian Club Rescue page.) No personal or contact information will be posted, as all transfers of information are via email and local phone calls.

Willing Hearts Dalmatian Rescue - (U.S.A. -Royersford, PA). "Willing Hearts Dalmatian Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping unwanted and abandoned Dalmatians in shelters find loving homes. We foster all Dals in our homes, update vet care and spay/neuter. We cannot take in owner relinquishments for foster but we will assist owners in a search for a new home if they continue to physically and financially support their dog."


(in alphabetical order)

Dalmatian Adoption & Rescue - (Canada -Ontario) A rescue club staffed solely by volunteers. "DAR cares for abused, unwanted, neglected and deaf Dalmatians and appropriate homes are found for these dogs. DAR also provides information to the public on such topics as abuse to animals and proper dog care." Dalmatian Adoption & Rescue works with Humane Societies, Animal Control groups and breeders to find suitable homes for unwanted Dalmatians.

Dalmatian Rescue Ring Homepage - This ring will help anyone thinking of adopting a rescued Dalmatian find the dog that's right for them by allowing them to navigate through the Dalmatian rescue sites easily.
"The Dalmatian Rescue Ring is NOT a rescue organization. It is simply a way to link actual rescue sites together making it easier (I hope) for someone to find help or a new spotted friend."

Dalmatian Rescue Ring Members List

Dalmatiner in Not - (Germany) Dalmatian Rescue. List of Dalmatians currently waiting to be adopted. This German site tries to find new homes for Dalmatians in and around Germany. "Wir suchen ein gutes neues Zuhause für Tierheim- und von privat abzugebende Dalmatiner und Dalmatinermix in Deutschland und Umgebung."

DalRescue e-mail community - Listing of Dalmatians needing homes, and of people looking for rescue Dalmatians. Any and all discussions related to rescue are allowed. Please be sure to post here as well as any other dal lists you are subscribed to. Hosted by onelist.com

Home Page for the Dalmatian Rescue List at Onelist.com - This site is the members site for the Dalmatian Rescue emailing list hosted by onelist.com. Links to dalmatian rescue organizations are provided.

DCOV Dalmatian Rescue - (Australia) Dalmatian Club of Victoria's list of Dalmatians currently waiting to be adopted.

NCDH Din-Funds Dogs page - (Netherlands) The Netherlands Dalmatian Club rescue fund's list of Dalmatians currently waiting to be adopted.

Stephanie's Rescue Resources - Dalmatians - Dal rescue contacts worldwide




 search rescues & shelters 



* Lost and Stolen Dals ALERTS *

Please read the Dulcie Update of Oct.'99

The Dalmatian DULCIE has been stolen! Please click here for Dulcie's's picture and info! Please help bring Dulcie home! Dulcie is 3 years old and is spayed. She was stolen from in front of her family's home in Washington State in the U.S.A. on 31 March, 1997. They are heartbroken. They adopted Dulcie when she was 5 months old - her first owner had abused her when she was a puppy. She loves and trusts her family who is praying to find her back.little paw print

Flash!! Clark - the stolen Dutch Dalmatian is home again!!! Flash!! UPDATE on 11 NOV. '98.!!


Happily announcing the mysterious and miraculous return of CLARK, the stolen Dalmatian! After fifteen (15) months of searching, praying and never giving up hope, Clark's owners have him back again! Please click here for Clark's picture, info, and the story of his mysterious return !

This proves once again the importance of love and perseverance!



* Lost and Stolen Pets Links *

Missing Pet Network

"The MPN is a group of volunteers sponsored by the USDA Animal Care Office, who help people find missing pet animals. We accept no money, make no endorsements, and use no advertising on our MPN web pages."

MPN Lost and Found Listings by State and Advice on looking for Lost Pets

Amivedi-Nederland - "Amivedi-Nederland is de werknaam van de Stichting AMIVEDI, een landelijke vrijwilligersorganisatie die zorgt voor een kosteloze registratie van vermiste en gevonden huisdieren in Nederland.
"Amivedi-Nederland bestaat al bijna 75 jaar. In die tijd heeft zij veel ervaring opgedaan en veel contacten opgebouwd. Daardoor is de kans groot dat een vermist of gevonden huisdier weer bij de eigenaar terugkomt."

Dalmatian Information and Helpful Links - Lisa Messmer's *HUGE* list of links for Dalmatian Rescue, Places to List or Find Dalmatians, Other Rescue Sites, Transportation Sites, Missing Pets, and much more.

.... You will also find a link to the update on "Dulcie", Lisa's stolen Dalmatian, at the top of the page....

Dulcie's Lost, Missing and Stolen Pets Information Much information based on a lot of research: what steps to take to try to locate a stolen or lost dog. Includes a page for sites to post and view lost and found pets (including birds and horses). Many links and a lot of advice. Steps to take, and links as well
** Do not give up on your search. You CAN find your lost dog. This site will be very helpful to you....

Join the Pet Theft Support list (for those still searching for missing pets). Lisa Messmer started this list in August, 1999 "to help those who have also experienced pet loss through theft. Feel free to join if it will help you in coping. If you have lost a pet, and not found it, or if you want to encourage those who are still searching, please join."
"Please check it out, and spread the word if you know of others who still are in pain over missing pets."

the Last Chance for Animals - Stolen Pets website -

Missing Pet Network - Help & find a missing pet! - Help & vindt een vermist huisdier:

  • 'Sandy's Pets Palace' - This Dutch site is the home of MPN Netherlands with pages in Dutch and English. The most important pages of this website are the MPN-pages. De MPN-pagina is de belangrijkste pagina op deze website! These pages also have links to MPN sites in many other countries as well.

Warning: these Links may contain graphic examples of animal abuse:
Stop Animal Abuse ribbon

A Tribute
for Duchess and all victims of animal cruelty:
A Candle for Duchess and all others...
Duchess eventually died of abuse...
after having given birth to several litters...
puppymill tragedies

Stop Animal Abuse ribbon

  ... more coming...




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