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3. The night before and the day of the trip

At home:
o Your dog will be happy to have a small towel or little blanket with your smell on it in the crate. You can sleep with a towel or blanket in your bed the night(s) before the flight and put it in the crate with your dog when you go to the airport the next morning.

o Feed at home only very lightly on the morning of the flight
Dogs can go 12 to 24 hours without food, so.... feed no more than 1/2 cup of kibble for a Dalmatian size dog. Make sure he has this snack sized meal at least an hour and a half or more before leaving for the airport. (Dogs shouldn't eat food within an hour of traveling in even a car!)

o Take your dog outside to do his business and to get some exercise, too. Do this at home about an hour after your dog has eaten,

Getting ready and going to the airport:

o Do NOT tranquilize your dog ! - You should not tranquilize. The dog's bodies can shut down if you do that -that advice came from a Vet. Medications of any kind should only be used when the dog is going to be monitored. The effects a tranquilizer may have on the dog when he is peacefully in his home may not be the same as what will happen when he is on the plane. It is better to take the time to condition the dog to the stresses of air travel than to risk serious problems from a reaction to tranquilizer.

o Do NOT put food or chew toys in the dog's crate! Your dog can choke on a chew stick - please don't do that! Do NOT put food in the crate.

o Make sure you have all the required documents for your dog's flight.

o Put your dog's ID luggage tag on the crate, and
o tape your dog's ID sticker/document to the top of the crate.
. (see samples of tag and sticker/document at )

When you leave for the airport, make sure you take a sturdy leash with you, and a supply of plastic bags, because your dog will want to 'go out' again before having to stay in the crate for the long trip ahead, and again after you arrive at your final destination.

Make sure you have a supply of paper towels and plastic bags in your handbag or carry-on/cabin bag. You will need these to clean up after your dog if he relieves himself inside or outside the airport.

*** For goodness sake, be very careful - dogs can be lightning-fast escape artists when their crates are opened at airports! Keep total control of your dog at all times and only let your dog out in a safe, secure grassy area at either airport. ***

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