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Members, listed in order of date they joined:

JUNE 28 1999




Crystal Nolen's
Golden Retrievers:
Princess, Brooke, Caroline and Seven
These goldens love being members of the Tail Waggers' Club. They love Dalmatians!"
Visit them at:
PrincessSierra's Golden Page
Lyndon & Barbara Lehman
Breeders of Registered Labrador Retriever's

Lehman Kennels

Michelle & Sean
and their Dals,
"BabyStinky" and Wes D
Hi, my name is "Baby Stinky", I am going to be 1 yrs old very soon, July 8. I am a princess, and my parents didn't have to train me, you see this is where all of you fellow spotted dogs are wrong, WE TRAIN THEM. I now have a little brother, he's alright. His name is "Little Dog, Wes D." they put the D., in there because they thing he is destructive. But, they don't know I am a big helper-to him, I reach all the things he can't possibly reach, like plants, snacks, sandwiches, video tapes. I didn't like him at first, but, I am bigger (for now mommy says) I really like to beat him up, and show him I can do all kinds of neat things, because I am big. Well that's about it for now, mommy and daddy are gone, and they just got some great magazines in the mail, we shall be good dogs today, and read(eat) them today.

Sparky Dalmatian
Sparky's person says,
"I have a great love for the spotted (children), thats what I think of mine anyway, just like one of my kids...Sparky...."
Charlie Dalmatian
a liver spotted Dalmatian in London.
Vist this cute pup at:
Charlie's page
Karen Dumont's
Dalmatian, "Cinder"
Cinder is a happy four year old male dalmatian.

Dalmatian Queeny vom Hause Baltino
Tara lives with her people,
Stephanie & Paul Yates in Germany. Visit Tara's Page !
Pyro Dalmatian
Dals from Estonia:
Teddy, Seyla, Otto and Barbie

Our owners are Jelena and Margus Kruus, organisors of Dalmatian club of Estonia.
Best regards to all of you from our spotty company!
Amanda Harrison
and her Dalmatian
Antonio Cacchione & Nicola Shears
in Milan, Italy

David R. Quick's
Dalmatian Disney
see a picture of Disney after Thanksgiving dinner. Guess who got the couch and pillows...!!!

(Disney's picture is here on this site)

Kamilkan Dalmatians,
in Finland
The kennel, "Kamilkan dalmatiankoirat", is owned by the Dalmatian breeder, Liisa Hällström.

Jeanie and her
Chase is a 5 year old Dal that Jeanie adopted from the pound. He and Jeanie live in Key West , Florida.
"It was adopt a pet week at the pound, although I didn't know it at the time, so he is my $10 pound hound."
"He is totally deaf, and since he doesn't hear other dogs bark, he doesn't bark. He is 5 years old and just the most laid-back dog!"
Willow, Toddy and Hazel
Willow, Toddy and Hazel are English showdogs: "Hi! There is nothing we like better than wagging our tails. We do it at home, at shows and everywhere. In fact the only time we stop, is when we are asleep. We would love to hear from other tail waggers so
Many happy tailwags!"
Brandi Hayes and her
Dalmatian, Domino
Domino was eight and a half months old in Jan. 2000. Here is her message:
"Hi, I am domino. I am 8 and a half months old. I have black spots and sometimes Ican be a butt head. I don't like cameras, I love to go play outside with my step dog brothers. I love to sleep with my owners. I am a good gard dog. I love to take rides in my owners truck. I like to watch tv also. I love to chase a little car that we have and I like to chew on my rubber toy. I eat puppy chow, and milk bones if I am good and do tricks! yum yum!!! I would like to join your club and be on the net. Oh, my birthday is april 22 1999, I have like 18 brothers and sisters. My owners like to take me on walks. Bye! woof woof!"
Sue P &
Maxie the Dalmatian
Sue writes, "Hi, I want to tell you my story.
I am the third owner in her first yr. She went to heaven when she met me. When I first got her, she was so wild! We went to class, and she learned how to be a good dog. I should have changed her name to Shadow. She follows me so closely. She still flinches when you go to pet her, she was abused! I don't have any children. Maxie is my baby girl! I take her to the metro park here in Cleveland, where I can let her off her leash! She stays within 10-20 ft of me. She always looks back to make sure I'm not leaving her! She loves to eat!! Everything and anything! She still maintains her weight-about 50lbs. She's small for a dalmatian(short). I could go on forever, but I don't want to bore you. Enjoyed your page! Will come back again soon!" (Sue P & Lady Maxine Sugarfrost :)
JoAnn Keenan and her
Dalmatian, Bandit
" dal beats me to death with his tail...always wagging!!!
..he is so content that he needs a push to do his exercise..right now it's lay in front of the cold weather for him.!"
ALF -a dalmatian-
and my two "dal crazy" roommates-Elayn (mom) and Sean
Hi I'm ALF, I'm 10 and I act 10 weeks old, as most dal's do. I am the sixth in this family (all Dal's) my roomies really love dalmatians---can you ever guess ??? My roomies both work so I get to be king of the house--until they get home--then I have to be the entertainer---but I love every minute of it--I love to be the center of attraction. We all have fun together. I LOVE my roomies VERY VERY much and they LOVE be twice as much in return (because there are 2 of them) Ha Ha Ha !!!!!
My roomies and I would love to chat with other roomies and other dals.My Mom's e-mail address is
ECdal101@.... Now how's that for a really COOL e-mail address !!!!!

Bye for now, ALF
Dotti the Dalmatian
Hi! My name is Dotti and I am a 5 1/2 year old Dalmatian living on the seacoast of New Hampshire USA. Here is my web site:
I hope you enjoy it. I can also be found on the site (I hope to work my picturesque charms on someone who will make me a star!!!) My friend Sharon has typed this for me.
Love, Dotti
Orsi, and her
Dalmatian Pötyi
-in Hungary
Hello! My name is Orsi and I have a 3 yrs old dalmatian, Pötyi. We bought him in 3rd February 1997 in a dog auction. He was very tired and dirty. Now he's a beautiful, energetic dog and he has a lot of Dutch forefathers. You'll find their pictures on my website.

Visit Pötyi's web page!

Eugene the Dalmatian
and his person, Simona
in Italy
(...Eugene's now working to build a site of his own! .....)

"Hi... my name's Eugene and I'm a 3 years old liver spotted Dal living in Italy. I like very much being a member of the club!!!-:))) My "person" Simona has writen this msg for me. We also have a web page.. (in Feb. 2000): Eugene's own web site

Woof woof from Eugene!"

Angela Boozer, and her
At the end of Feb. 2000, Angela became the new owner of Chase, a very cute Dalmatian. He is Angela's first Dalmatian. She named him Chase because he likes to chase things.

Judith van Deelen, Gerry Krol, and their

Dalmatian, "Sam"
in the Netherlands
"Sam" (Ally Amazon of Dapple Dally) is the lovely puppy-black-and-white-bitch that they had been hoping for!
They picked her up on Judith's birthday, May 9th. "Sam" is sweet, beautiful, clever, and loved very much!
(YOUR pet's name could be here!)
Patrick LAZ and
Les Dalmatiens Breton
"De la Lorette en Cornouaille"

in France
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